Eco Friendly Hotel Bali

Eco Friendly Hotel Bali

Our ambition to be a Eco Friendly Hotel Bali is constantly being driven forward.

For example, new solar systems for hot water preparation have been installed, almost all lighting fixtures in the resort have been replaced with energy-saving lamps. We continue to try to banish plastic as much as possible from the resort – so the plastic water bottles were completely removed from the offer and replaced by beautiful designed glass water bottles.

tulamben resort drink bottles

At the same time, the thermos flasks in the rooms (see image above) can be refilled free of charge and without any restrictions. Plastic straws in the restaurant were replaced by bamboo straws. We try to replace plastic bags and packaging with biodegradable synthetic material.

eco friendly hotel bali

Eco-friendly Hotel Bali – Tulamben has gotten a waste separation plant and we have now switched to complete waste separation! Our employees are informed about the topic “understanding of the environment”. Together with the University of Udayana and the students of the German IBSN Foreign Semester Association, we visit elementary schools and inform about the project “We love Bali green”

Eco-friendly Hotel Bali … and we continue …