Bali Wreck Diving – Shipwreck Special Package

Bali Wreck Diving – Shipwreck Special Package

3 Wrecks, 10 Dives, 5 Days / 4 Nights

Day 1: Welcome at our Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben & Spa

Check in followed by a dive base briefing, gear check & storage

Bali Wreck Diving – Orientation dive at USAT Liberty shipwreck

Later you might like to try our Wellness center or have a Deko-beer at our beach bar…

Night at the Resort

Bali Wreck Diving

Day 2: Dive the Legend…

After an extended breakfast you do your first dive of the day at the shipwreck.

Second dive of the day is set for around 14:00 hours and you can choose to dive

either Coral Garden, Drop Off or Shipwreck.

18:00h start preparation for night dive at Shipwreck

Day 3: It’s Boga day…


Around 8.30h  your car is ready to start a 15 min drive to Kubu

1st dive of the day at Kubu Wreck

Surface interval incl Soft Drinks and Snacks

2nd dive of the day at Kubu Wreck

Return transfer to Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben & Spa

18.00h  next night dive at “USAT LIBERTY“ or Coral garden or Drop off


Day 4: Japanese Patrol Ship…

Breakfast and around

8.00h start transfer to Ameds “ Japanese Wreck“

First dive of the day at the “ Japanese Wreck“

Surface interval incl Snacks & Soft Drinks

Second dive at “ Japanese Wreck“

Return transfer to Tulamben incl stop at the traditional salt farming of Cemeluk

Relaxing massage at our Alami Spa

Day 5: Screw it…let’s dive again…

After breakfast you will do dive number 10 where ever you wish to at Tulamben Bay

Check out and end of package arrangement

Shipwreck – Package includes:

  • 5 days / 4 nights at Bungalow or Deluxe room incl breakfast
  • 8 dives plus 2 night dives incl professional Dive Guides
  • Tanks, Weights, Belts & Torch
  • Car transfer to Kubu & Amed
  • 2 x Snacks & Soft drinks
  • Complementary drinking bottle with unlimited water refills
  • 1 hour Spa treatment at our Wellness Center
  • Welcome bag & present

Shipwreck package Rates:

490,- Euro per person Bungalow sharing room

150,- Euro single surcharge

550,- Euro per person Deluxe sharing room

250,- Euro single surcharge


Bali Wreck Diving – Wreck Descriptions:

The Japanese Wreck
The Japanese Wreck also known as the Lipah Bay wreck lies in the shallow water (2-12 meters) of Banyuning, 3 km southeast of Amed. It is a 40 minutes land transfer from the resort to the dive site.  The 20 meter Steel Wreck was first described in 1999 and have since been a popular dive site for its rich diversity of marine life. The reef surrounding the wreck continues in small bommies to about 35 meters, where you will find barrel sponges and gorgonian fan with a chance of pygmy seahorses.

The Japanese Wreck at a glance
Reef characteristics: Wreck
Visibility: 10-15 meters
Current: moderate
Coral growth: wreck is completely covered by soft corals, gorgonians, sponges and black coral bushes

Marine life: Schools of damsels, anthias, parrot fish and angelfish.
Highlight: Vibrant marine life and easy shore access

The Kubu Wreck
The boga better known as Kubu wreck lies between 17 and 36 meters deep in the sandy bottom of Kubu, 4 km North-west from the resort. The wreck is a 43 meters long and 150 tons cargo ship donated to the Karangasem regency to establish a new dive destination. It was sank in September of 2012. Although it is a relatively new wreck, the marine ecosystem quickly engulfed it and covered it with various hard and soft coral, sponges and gorgonian fans. There are also regular sightings of reef sharks, bump head parrot fish, blue-spotted stingrays, octopus and a school of barracuda at the wreck and its surrounding coral reef garden.

Besides blooming with marine life, the wreck offers 3 cargo hold levels for penetration dive. You can dive-in and explore the wreck from the inside and peep into all the corners of the wreck. On the lowest deck, you will also find a  VW Safari car wreck. Look out for lots of marine life under the car!!

Kubu Wreck at a glance
Reef characteristics: Wreck
Visibility: 10-15 meters
Current: none – moderate
Coral growth: hard and soft coral, sponges and gorgonian fans

Marine life: Reef sharks, Bump head Parrot fish, blue-spotted stingrays, octopus and barracudas
Highlight: Vibrant marine life, ideal for wreck specialty course and penetration dive

The Tulamben Wreck is directly situated near the beach on Bali’s northeast coast. The 120m long wreck rest in a 90 degree with the deck facing the seaside and used to be an American supply ship. You ,may dive or snorkel this wreck comfortably, accessing it directly from the beach.

The U.S.A.T. Liberty was built in America as a cargo ship, and equipped with two guns for the World War anchored off the coast of Lombok, the ship was hit by a Japanese torpedo in January 1942. Miraculously noboby got hurt but the damage turned the ship into a none functioning and useless hull. The American navy planned to toll the ship to Singaraja harbor (North Bali) but failed as the harbor was completely occupied, so the ship was intentionally stranded on the rocky beach of Tulamben, where it was unloaded. In 1963 volcano Agung erupted and the Magma flow press the ship back into the sea where it is presently rest at depth 3-29m. Since then, coral covers the wreckage completely and turned it into a home for many species of fish. From time to time, a napoleon fish or a barracuda drops by.

Tulamben Wreck at a glance
Reef characteristics: wreck
Visibility: 15-30 meters
Current: none to moderate
Coral growth: Wreck is completely covered with coral
Marine life: vast schools of fish (fusiliers and surgeon fish)
Highlight: the wreck is easy to dive

Bali Wreck Diving