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In our spa, we have created havens of serenity and natural beauty for those seeking to restore and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. Our Spa services are presented in the quiet elegance of indoor treatment rooms, perfect to savour alone or enjoy with a friend. To achieve good health we need to enjoy the dynamics of physical activity, restoration and relaxation.

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Natural SPA treatments are your sanctuary to awaken your mental and physical energies. Our treatments are designed for your well being.



Aromatherapy to enhance your life
Aromatherapy is an ancient art that must be considered on physical, institutional and scientific levels if is to be fully understood and used.

In its ultimate form, it can be employed in a body massage with an individually blended oil, or as an aromatherapy bath which, apart from being an olfactory delight,
is also therapeutic.

What is aromatherapy?
It is the art of using the pure essence extracts of petals, leaves, stems, seeds, roots, resins or barks, or certain aromatic plants, flowers, herbs or trees to promote the health and well-being of your body and mind.

Stress brought on by the pace of modern living, and pollution from the environment, is gradually attacking our physicals, emotional and mental health. It has therefore become necessary to take preventive measures and adopt a sensible way of life. This is where aromatherapy comes to rescue.

What are essential oils?
Essential oils are volatile liquids produced by certain plants and stored in tiny pockets between their cell walls.They are the life force of the plant and give the plant its distinctive fragrance. They are extracted mainly by steam distillation.

How do they work? As you inhale essential oils, their fragrant molecules enter your nostrils and waft inside your nose towards your olfactory nerves. Here, the molecules are picked up bye special receptors that are like keys that fit specific locks, identifying that particular aroma. The information is then transmitted directly to a special part of the brain – the limbic system which stores memories and emotional responses. Motivation, moods and creativity all originate from here, so smell can affect the way you feel, think and act.