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Diving around Bali & Tulamben, Day Trips & Special Dive Sites

We invite divers from all around the world for some of the world’s best and most unforgettable diving. Sightings of manta rays, steep walls full of color and beauty Divers exploring Indonesia’s underwater world… plus thrilling wrecks in a flourishing tropical marine biosphere are common sights. Prepare for excellent diving, bizarre volcano formations, tropical beaches and the charm and culture of Bali in Indonesia!

The “Diving” section of this website contains comprehensive information about Bali dive sites, SSI dive courses, further dive educations, Komodo & Indonesian liveaboard dive cruises, Indonesia’s marine life plus it features a marine gallery with photos taken at actual dive sites. Have fun browsing through our section for divers and please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information, inquiries or bookings.

Our dedicated dive center features a comfortable diver’s hangout for post dive chats and meetings plus a multimedia air-conditioned classroom. 2 Coltri sub air compressors in combination with a Nitrox filling station provide best air mixtures to fill our 70 aluminium (38x 12l nitrox, 2x 15l nitrox, 26x 12l air, 2x 15l air, 2x 10l air) tanks. Aqualung dive sets, as wellas torches, cameras and dive computers are for rent. Of course, comfortable transport vans and all safety equipment necessary to run a safe and professional dive service are standard features of our dive resort. We offer all SSI diving courses from beginner to professional. Our big swimming pool has a shallow area and reaches 3 meters at the deepest point, thus is an ideal training location for confined water sessions of each course. The Tauch Terminal Tulamben Resort & Spa is a certified Diamond Dive Resort and has also a certified SSI Diamond Instructor Dive Center. 

We are proud to introduce our new safety feature for all our boat diving trips: The Nautilus Lifeline. What is a Nautilus Lifeline? This are small waterproof Radios which Divers can bring on the dive. They are easy to handle. Just press a button and talk.

As all of our boats are equipped with radio, we can immediately contact the boat after surfacing and minimize the chance to drift away. This solves usually already all diver get lost situations. But in the unlikely event this fails, in addition with the Lifeline we can contact directly the harbor master and coastguard so we don’t get any delay in triggering the chain of survival in case of an emergency. And if all else fails the Lifeline can make an distress call with GPS data to all surrounding commercial ships and airplanes also. But of course, we hope we never need these things.

As the first company in Bali which use Nautilus Lifelines, we have set some new standards in the Indonesian dive industry.Safety should always be number 1 !!!

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