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Bali Dive School

We offer all SSI diving courses from beginner to professional. Our large training pool and the sea just in front of our resort offer the best possibilities for great diving courses directly on the spot.

Our training pool has a water depth of 1 meter to 3 meters at the lowest point and is therefore an ideal training place for restricted training sessions for all diving courses in the water. The Tauch Terminal Tulamben Resort & Spa is an excellent “SSI Diamond Instructor Dive Center”, of which there are only two in entire Indonesia.

bali dive school

Bali Dive School – ENJOY THE DIVING – “try diving” for everyone.
After a brief theoretical introduction to the basic rules of the dive equipment, an accompanying dive is conducted on the side of a dive instructor in the ratio 1: 1 on a coral reef, i.e an instructor with a test diver. This course is ideal for people who want to take a diving course but are not sure if they can do it. Course requirements: minimum age 12 years.

Bali Dive Course Rates

For Beginners
Some Theory and a 1:1 dive – which means, an accompanying dive is conducted on the side of a dive instructor in the ratio 1: 1. Minimum age is 10 years.

SSI Try Scuba EURO 75.-
Theory Lesson, One Pool Dive / Confined Water Dive,
One Open Water Dive
One Instructor per Participant during the Open Water Dive
Additional Dive 50,- €

Become Scuba Diver
Ideal for guests with little time. Theory and pool on the first day – 2 dives in the sea on the 2nd day. With worldwide recognized certificate. A Scuba Diver may dive with a Dive Guide up to a maximum depth of 12 meters. In the first 12 months after completion of the course, a Scuba Diver can continue with the missing part of the Open Water Diver and join the Open Water diver. Minimum age 10 years.

SSI Scuba Diver
330,‐ € (1 Participant), 2 Days, Academic, Pool Training, 2 Open Water Dives, (260,‐ € for 2 or more Participants), Teaching material, Gear, Certification fee

Become a  Open Water Diver
This certificate is also recognized worldwide. The course consists of 2 days theory and pool and from 2 days with 2 dives each in the sea. Minimum age 10 years.

SSI Open Water Diver «worldwide valid»
550,‐ € (1 Participant), 425,‐ € (2 or more Participants), 4 days, inclusive Open Water Diver book, 4 Open Water dives.

Bali Dive School – Advanced Adventurer Program

SSI Advanced Adventurer Program «worldwide recognized»
325,‐ € (1 Participant), 250,‐ € (2 or more Participants), 5 Open Water dives at 5 special dive sites.

140,‐ € (1 Participant), 120,‐ € (2 or more participants), 2 Open Water Dives Certification Fee.

Stress & Rescue Diver
The first course where you can take responsibility for your dive partner. Every responsible diver should advance his education up to this level. Minimum age is 15 years, you must be SSI OWD.

SSI Stress and Rescue
550,‐ € (1 Participant), 425,‐ € (2 or more Participants), 4 days

Bali Dive School – Go Professional
The first step to a diving professional. The best way to learn the job is to work on a dive base. After 7 weeks of hard but frightening work, you can get a good picture of what it really means to work in the diving industry. You will help with the training and dive into self-responsibility.
Minimum age 18 years, 60 logged dives, Rescue Diver, first aid certificate not older than 2 years.
Price on Request

SSI Dive Control Specialist 
Price on Request

(German, English, Indonesian)

As ( Junior*) Open Water Diver or Equivalent
• Boat Diving* 2 Dives
• Computer Diving* 2 Dives
• Search & Recovery* 2 Dives
• Waves, Tides & Currents* 2 Dives
• Underwater Photography* 2 Dives
• Underwater Video* 2 Dives
• Marine Ecology* 2 Dives
• Navigation* 3 Dives
• Deep Diving 3 Dives
• Night & Limited Visibility Diving* 3 Dives
• Wreck Diving (incl. Advan. Wreck) 4 Dives

Specialty rates related to the number of dives:

2 Dives:
1 Guest Euro 140.-
2 or more Euro 119.-
3 Dives:
1 Guest Euro 193.-
2 or more Euro 167.-
4 Dives
1 Guest Euro 247.-
2 or more Euro 220.-
Including certification fee, book

Please ask our diving staff for details – Prices are subject to change without notice

Please download our  General Resort Information and Rates (PDF-file) valid from 1st May 2023 to 31st October 2023

Harap unduh  Informasi dan Tarif Resor Umum kami Indonesian Rupiah (.pdf file)