Bali Dive Rates – Special Dive sites and Day Trips Info

We’re looking forward to welcome you to our all year long dive season 2022/2023 in Tulamben!

bali diving special offer

Gratis Nitrox at all Tulamben Dive Sites!

Our prices for day trips are composed of 2 prices. The actual dive package and the transport package for the respective dive site.

The dive package includes tank, lead weights and dive guide. The day trips use 2 dives per day tour. These are taken from the booked package.

The transfer package includes all land and sea transfers, from the hotel to the dive site and return. All admission fees and charges. Lunch & soft drinks.

Rates valid till 31.10.2022

Bali Dive Rates – outside of Tulamben:

NUSA PENIDA/ Manta Trip/p.P.
PADANG BAI/ Blue Lagoon/p.P.
MENJANGAN (min. 2 Persons)
SECRET BAY (min. 2 Persons)
Euro      55.-
Euro      85.-
Euro      45.-
Euro      35.-
Euro      30.-
Euro      95.-

Euro      85.-

Dive Rates around the Tulamben Resort – Gratis Nitrox at all Tulamben Dive Sites!

Wreck * Drop off * Coral Garden * Batu Kelebit * Emerald * Palung Palung
Rates inclusive Guide (dive master or higher), equipment & insurance/ per person

The booked dives can be used by the customer at any dive site. All available discounts are already included. The following dive packages include only the respective dives incl. Dive tank and weights – no transport to the respective dive site & soft drinks.

2 Dives      55.- €
4 Dives    105.- €
6 Dives    155.- €
8 Dives    179.- €
12 Dives  245.- €
Every additonal dive   +20.- €
20 Dives                     385.- €
Add Dive over 20 (Night Dive add surcharge)    +20.- €
Surcharge for (per person per dive):Junior Open Water Diver / Scuba Diver     10.- €
Private Guide (only if available) per dive/per person  +15.- €

All rates per person (dives out of the package are transferable to your room mate)

Tanks & weights, dive guide (Dive master or higher) & insurance.
Equipment rental ABC 5,- €; jacket 5,- €; suite 5,- €; automate 5,- €; complete set 15,- €

Extra costs: 10 Euro (per person per TG) :
Junior Open Water Diver / Scuba Diver
Private Guide (only if available)

Unlimited Diving:
(inclusive night dive – exclusive boat dives)

1 Day                                   105,- €
2 Days                                 180,- €
3 Days                                 255,- €
…from the fourth day             75,- € pro Tag

Unlimited diving is only for dives out of Tulamben. Boat dives are not included in the price.

Surcharges: (per person)

Night Dive in package   +8,- €
Boat-TG (Batu Kelebit, Palung Palung, Emerald, Seraya oder Kubu)  +10,- €
3 Boat Dives-TG (Batu Kelebit, Palung Palung, Emerald, Seraya oder Kubu ) +25,- €
15 lt. Tank (per TG, only Nitrox)  +2,- €

.Gratis Nitrox at all Tulamben Dive Sites!

Surcharge for Rental Equipment
Rates per day/person (Complete Equipment Euro 15.- per Day)

Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Booties
Wet suit, 3mm
Tarierweste (BCD)
Automat (Octopus, Finimeter)
Suunto Dive Computer
Diving lamp with batteries
Digital underwater camera – inclusive photo-CD
Euro    5.-
Euro    5.-
Euro    5.-
Euro    5.-
Euro    5.-
Euro    8.-
Euro    25.- (per dive) Euro 40.- per day