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Tauch Terminal Bali - Diving around Bali & Tulamben, Day Trips & Special Dive Sites

SSI Platinum Dive Center
Unlike the most resorts in Bali, the Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben has to offer three outstanding dive sites directly in front of the adjacent beach. In the following, you will find comprehensive information about dive sites and the resort's dive center. Please click here for route map to our Bali Tulamben Dive Center, Hotel Resort & Spa.

tauch terminal tulamben bali dive center

Please download here our latest movies "Learn To Dive" and "Recreational Diving"

ssi diamond instructor resort







The dive center features a comfortable diver's hangout for post dive chats and meetings plus a multimedia air-conditioned classroom. 2 Coltri sub air compressors in combination with a Nitrox filling station provide best air mixtures to fill our 70 aluminium (38x 12l nitrox, 2x 15l nitrox, 26x 12l air, 2x 15l air, 2x 10l air) tanks. Aqualung dive sets, as wellas torches, cameras and dive computers are for rent. Of course, comfortable transport vans and all safety equipment necessary to run a safe and professional dive service are standard features of our dive resort. We offer all SSI diving courses from beginner to professional. Our big swimming pool has a shallow area and reaches 3 meters at the deepest point, thus is an ideal training location for confined water sessions of each course. The Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben & Spa is a certified Diamond Dive Resort and has also a certified SSI Diamond Instructor Dive Center. For more information about SSI diving courses please check our dedicated website: www.divebali.com
bali  tauchen tulamben resort
nautilus lifeline gps funkgeraet

We are proud to introduce our new safety feature for all our boat diving trips: The Nautilus Lifeline. What is a Nautilus Lifeline? This are small waterproof Radios which Divers can bring on the dive. They are easy to handle. Just press a button and talk.
As all of our boats are equipped with radio, we can immediately contact the boat after surfacing and minimize the chance to drift away. This solves usually already all diver get lost situations. But in the unlikely event this fails, in addition with the Lifeline we can contact directly the harbor master and coastguard so we don’t get any delay in triggering the chain of survival in case of an emergency. And if all else fails the Lifeline can make an distress call with GPS data to all surrounding commercial ships and airplanes also. But of course, we hope we never need these things.

As the first company in Bali which use Nautilus Lifelines, we have set some new standards in the Indonesian dive industry.Safety should always be number 1 !!!

Dive sites in Tulamben - Bali


Liberty Wreck Bali
Tulamben Wreck is situated directly near the beach on Bali's northeast coast. The 120m long wreck rests in a 90 degree angle with the deck facing the sea side and used to be an American supply ship named „USA Liberty". Anchored off the coast of Lombok, the ship was hit by a Japanese torpedo during World War II. Miraculously nobody got hurt, but the damage turned the ship into a non-functioning and useless hull. The American Navy's plan to tow the ship to Singaraja harbor (north Bali) failed as the harbor was completely occupied, so the ship was intentionally stranded on the rocky beach of Tulamben, where it was unloaded. In 1963 the volcano Agung erupted and the magma flow pressed the ship back into the sea where it presently rests at a depth of 3 to 29 meters. Since then, coral covered the wreckage completely and turned it into a home for many species of fish. From time to time, a Napoleon fish or huge barracuda drops by. You may dive or snorkel this wreck comfortably, accessing it directly from the beach.

Tulamben Wreck at a glance
Reef characteristics: wreck
Visibility: 15-30 m
Current: none to moderate
Coral growth: wreck is completely covered by stone- and soft coral
Marine life: vast schools of fish (fusiliers and surgeon fish)
Highlight: the wreck is easy to dive even suitable for discover scuba diving
bali tauchen tulamben resort coral garden

You can find more diving photos in our gallery .

The Tulamben Wall starts at a depth of 1 m to then drop straight to 40 m. Besides amazing coral growth this reef also features an unbelievable landscape sculpted by many overhanging rocks. The presence of smaller reef fish is abundant, with angel fish being the species worth mentioning. Besides emperor angel fish, yellow-faced angelfish and blue-banded angel fish can be found with the duke fish rounding out the selection as a member of the angel fish family. Quite often, huge schools of jack fish pass the wall, darkening the sun. Although it is a wall, this dive site is also suitable for snorkeling.

bali wrack tauchen tulamben resort

The Coral Garden is only about a hundred meters away from our Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben, which is located directly at the beach. The coral garden starts at a depth of 2-15 m and is wonderfully grown featuring stone- and soft coral alike. Besides numerous species of reef fish, the beautiful blue-yellow ribbon moray eel has found a home here. This dive site is also a superb snorkelling spot with none to moderate current.
Sharks in Bali
Shark Point can be reached via snorkelling close to the wall. The residing sharks are commonly whitetip- and blacktip reef sharks and may rest at a depth of 20 to 30 m in a sandy area. When currents are present, occasionally grey reef sharks and even hammerhead sharks circle the blue. The current may become quite strong here and sometimes cold water might swell up forming thermoclines. Thermoclines may lower the water temperature to 24 degrees for a short period of time. This dive site is not suitable for snorkelling.

Tulamben drop off at a glance
Reef characteristics: drop off
Visibility: 15-30 m
Current: none to moderate (shark point to strong)
Coral growth: many stone and soft coral
Marine life: many species of reef fish, specially angelfish
Highlight: easy to dive, also visited during the open water course

KUBU is a small village in the neighborhood of Tulamben and just a short 10 minutes drive to the north-west. The Kubu reefs are easily accessible from the rocky lava shore, similar to the dive sites in the Tulamben bay area. The reef starts right off the beach in shallow water about 2 – 3 m deep featuring huge pinnacles of glassfish-covered coral heads. This site is a good snorkeling spot, too. The coral garden leads into a beautiful ridge covered with fields of stag horn coral (Acropora sp.) and some good sized bushes of soft coral (Dendronephthya spp.) which sometimes host rare crustaceans like porcelain crabs and tiny little cowrie snails (Pseudosimnia sp.). Please check for pygmy seahorses (Hippocampus bargibanti) on deepwater gorgonian sea fans (Muricella sp.)! Nearly any kind of reef fish is abundant, schooling species like sawtooth barracudas (Sphyraena putnamiae) or large schools of fairy basslets (Pseudoanthias spp.) on the reef flat, but also individuals like large groupers can be seen. A very highlight would be the gorgeous juvenile pinnate batfish (Platax pinnatus) which hides in the dark of crevices and holes. This fish is rarely seen by divers but occasionally, and of course with a bit of luck, we can discover this beautiful animal on the Kubu reefs.
Especially “macro freaks” will like this site since we have discovered many rare species of nudibranches and sea slugs, some of them not yet described (unknown?).

kubu reef diving

. Kubu Reefs at a glance

Characteristics:           beautiful coral garden leading into a coral ridge
Visibility:                     15 - 30 m
Current:                       moderate
Coral growth:               rich coral pinnacles, wide fields of stag horn coral
Marine life:                  many species of reef fish, schooling barracudas                                                                                                                                                                           
Highlight:                     pygmy seahorse, rare nudibranches, juvenile batfish

Practical information:
Departure time:            08:00 a.m.
Arrival time:                 ~ 01:00 p.m.

Included:                     transport, 2 dives with guide, snacks, soft drinks

Special Dive sites and Daytrip Info at a glance

Special dive sites and day trip info:
- 4 boat dive sites: batu kelebit, palung palung, emerald, seraya secrets
- Nusa Penida, Blue Lagoon, Manta Point, Shark Point (formally bbq), Amed, Nusa Menjangan

Night diving
All above mentioned sites are ideal for a night dive. You will see the Bumphead sleeping family in the wreck, morey eels swimming or even the spanish dancer!

Batu Kelebit
This site can ben reached by boat (10 minutes ride with the local fisherman's boat). A higher chance of bigger fish. A huge napoleon and whitetip reef sharks are frequently encountered here.

Nusa Penida
The island is known for its exceptional drift dive. Life is just extraordinary, and visibility usually over 30-40 metres. The biggest chance to see big fish.

BBQ / Mimpang
We dive the shark point where encounter is most likely, and also at Mimpang where we usually see whitetip reef sharks.

The small village Amed hide various dive sites accessible form the shore with the local fishermen's boats. Nice corall walls and abundant marine life.


Please download resort & dive price list here (PDF)

Check our Tauch Terminal website www.divebali.com
to find out more about our diving daytrips!





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