Underwater & Resort Weddings

underwater wedding events

A Bali wedding is for everyone something very special – whether in the Balinese traditional style or as an underwater wedding in Bali in front of our resort . We offer complete wedding packages with legal or symbolic marriages in our Bali Tulamben Dive Resort. We have gained a lot of experience with these events in recent years and now we want permanently add them to our extensive services. Besides very special underwater weddings we also offer the implementation of weddings, in which the marriage is not taking place “under water”, but on dry ground in our resort. We have put together a complete package for each wedding variant like:

  • Underwater Bali Wedding / Marriage with legal certification
  • Symbolic underwater wedding / Marriage without certification
  • Wedding / marriage package with legal certification in our oceanfront  Tauch Terminal Tulamben Resort & Spa
  • Wedding ceremony only – without legal marriage certification in our oceanfront Tauch Terminal Tulamben Resort & Spa

Generally, it must in advance be decided whether it is merely a wedding ceremony, or whether the marriage should be legally and in the home country of the spouse recognized. On the expiry of the ceremony of marriage itself, that does not affect. But later – when the marriage took place in the home to the spouse to be recognized very well.

bali underwater wedding

Declaration on legality of marriage in Indonesia

Should the marriage be legally recognized, please note the following: The marriage must take place according to local, so Indonesian laws and regulations . The Indonesian authorities are assuming that both spouses one of the 4 major religions ( Christianity, Islam , Hinduism or Buddhism ) belong and that both prospective spouses the same religion (art . 2 , Law no . 1/1974 ) . It is therefore not possible pairs to be trusted if the prospective spouse various denominations to remain belonging. Therefore, one of the partners must accept the religion of the other party , so that the marriage can be consummated and recognized as lawful.

Please prepare for the Indonesian civil registry office ( Dinas Kependudukan dan Catatan Sipil ) following documents for the bride and groom:

  • Original impediment testimony from your civil registry office in your country respective city with an official translation (signed by a notary) into Bahasa Indonesia or an  Indonesian confirmation (CNI), issued by the respective Indonesian consulate in your country, that a wedding / marriage willing nothing stands in its way.
  • Birth Certificate
  • Civil Status Card: divorce certificate and divorce decree if divorced (or widow certificate if widowed) and domicile certificate.
  • Travel Passport
  • Form A (you will get in our hotel)
  • 2 best man and their respective passports
  • 10 Passport Images from the newlyweds together (6 x 4 cm)

We’re happy to arrange for you a customized wedding package – simply chose one of the above basic packages and contacts us for your special requests for your personal Bali wedding. We then arrange everything else and you relax and look forward to an exceptional wedding experience!

In order to create a first rough pricing for your wedding, we need some basic information. Please fill in the form below and we will immediately get back to you with a first cost estimation and further detailed questions regarding your request.